Olympic athletes have heart problems.

They discovered that 92 athletes had abnormal results, including inherited heart disease, coronary artery disease, hypertension, electric diseases such as for example atrial tachycardias and fibrillation. Overall, 9 of 92 sports athletes with cardiac abnormalities had been disqualified from competitive sport and 17 had short term restrictions before abnormalities had been resolved. Few worldwide groups – just the Federation Internationale de Soccer Association and Union Cycliste Internationale – need screenings, the writers note.The study published in the journal Scientific Reports can lead to better means of supporting individuals who have been given prosthetic limbs. The study team leader Laurence Kenney, Professor of Treatment Technologies on the School of Salford, said: ‘Though it has widely been suspected that prosthesis users tend to depend on their undamaged arm, this is actually the first-time that objective and complete data continues to be produced to verify this is actually the case. ‘Relying an excessive amount of using one limb can lead to overuse accidental injuries, and our results are in keeping with reviews that top limb amputees will experience such complications.’ The band of prosthesis users were from a variety of ages and included individuals who have been born without hands aswell as those that had needed amputations.