The last Tuesday of every month our club meets at the library for some lively conversation.  It's  Free and Fun for everyone that has an interest in writing a book  or short story, newspapers , magazines anything in the writing field.we usually meet over at the cafe and get something for lunch.   Take it over to  one of the Conference rooms as you come in the library on the right side there are two.. if we are not in either roon sometimes we meet at the back of the library just pass the office and computers straight back there is a small glass room for us to meet. Date for these luncheon, brunches,  are as follows:

October      25    10:15 - 12:00 noon

November  29    10;15- 12:00 noon

December  27    1015-  12:00 noon

Please mark these down on your calendars  

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How to Have a Perfect Pitch for your Book 

Possible parts of a pitch session: 

The Warm-up 

The Pitch (elevator speech) 

The Flesh-out  [Image]  The Ask 

Stop talking 

Answer questions 

Clarify next steps 

The Exit 

Of course, these may vary widely, depending on the pitchee, 

The Warm-up begins with the intro: look the person in the eyes, smile, greet, and state your name. Use good posture and walk confidently. Apply a strong handshake if it seems appropriate. Thank the person for their time. Hand over any materials you may have to share: business card, promotional materials, etc. 

The Pitch should be about 30 seconds long. Keep it short and snappy. The Pitch is your elevator speech. 

For fiction, describe your novel in the most compelling and intriguing way possible, injust a few sentences. Tell us what's happening, who the hero is, what his goal is, what's stopping him from getting it, and what's at stake if he loses. Focus on the conflict at the heart of your book. Here's an example of a pitch: 

Situation: In another galaxy, long ago, when his family is killed and his own life endangered, 

Protagonist: Luke Skywalker, a teenage boy approaching manhood, 

Objective: joins the Rebel Alliance to fight against the Imperial Storm Troopers 

Antagonist: led by the evil general Darth Vader 

Stakes: in a battle for their lives and the very existence of their planets. 

And you'd tell it like this: 

In another galaxy, long ago, when his family is killed and his own life endangered, Luke Skywalker, a teenage boy approaching manhood, joins the Rebel Alliance to fight against the Imperial Storm Troopers led by the evil general Darth Vader in a battle for their lives and the very existence of their planets. 

This is the story line from Star Wars and, even though there are lots of other important parts to the tale, this is all that's necessary to describe it. Any more than this and you begin to get bogged down in details. 

If you mention The Force and its importance, don't you also have to tell how Darth Vader is a Jedi Master, one who has turned to the dark side of The Force? And what about Princess Leia? And the Wookies? And the Millennium Falcon? Where does it end? It's ALL fascinating to you but you can't do it justice in the allotted time and it will only muddy the water. 

Better to stay with the essentials. 

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Books You'll Love! 

For nonfiction, your elevator speech is simpler. What is the need your book will fill? What qualifies you to be the one to fill it? For example: 

Need: Maintain a strong and harmonious relationship with your spouse and children. Qualification: You're a leading research scientist on marriage and family. 

And you'd tell it like this: 

Do you know anyone who's ever faced the challenge Of keeping a marriage or family functional in stressful situations like illness, unemployment, or problems with the law? My twenty-plus years as a counselor, social researcher, and columnist in a monthly family-oriented magazine have given me a wealth of tools the average person can use to keep their family healthy and smoothly functioning. 

Flesh Out your pitch after your elevator speech, if there's time,. 

Describe your novel as a mix of two other well-known (and profitable!) books or movies. For example: "It's Minions meets 50 Shades of Grey." 

Place your book in context. 

What's the genre? 

Who is the audience? 

What other books or writers would you compare your work to? 

What sets your story apart from other books that have covered the same ground? 

Share relevant background information about yourself, such as whether you've been published before, related professional experience, your "platform," etc. 

The Ask It's time to inquire if your book sounds like something they'd be interested in. 

Stop Talking now. Give them a chance to tell you what they want. 

Answer questions they ask. Have a few questions of your own, in case they ask if you have any. 

Clarify next steps. Be clear about what they are asking for. Would they like the first few chapters or the entire MS? How do they want it sent? 

The Exit. Get a business card and/or contact information, thank them for their time (no matter what they said), shake hands if appropriate and head to your next pitch with head held high! 

Practice your pitch on several different people. Get feedback. Revise. Remember, even though you are trying to sell something, they need what you are selling. Be confident in your work and in yourself. Prepare, practice, and pitch like a pro! 

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